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A Patent Litigation handled by SBZL Ranked Top-ten by Jiangsu Court

In 2013, SBZL represented a U.S company lodging an administrative action against a local company for patent infringement.  Within about 3 months, the local IPO quickly ruled that the infrigement is found and thus ordered the accused to stop manufacturing & selling the infringing products and destroying the moulds for making the infringing products (remarks: administrative action in patent infringement will not result in damage compensation).

The accused was not satisified with the ruling and appealed it before the Nanjing Intermediate Court.  After the Intermediate Court upheld the local IPO's ruling, the accused further appealed before the Jiangsu Higher Court (remarks: in China, a Civil action normally ends up by two instances) but failed again.

In the above one administrative action and two legal actions, SBZL's patent attorney and attorney-at-law worked together to deal with the whole proceedings through great efforts, which was highly recognized by the U.S company.  Luckly, this case was also ranked as one of the top-ten annual cases by Jiangsu Court.  

Recently, under requests from the U.S. compnay, SBZL further lodged a civil action before the court to ask for high damage compensation from the accused and this case is now on the way...