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SBZL Partners Attending 138th INTA Conference

From May 21st to 25th, the 138th INTA conference was held at the famous resort city of Orlando. Two partners of SBZL, Mr. Johnson GE and Ms. Christine FAN, and other two representatives joined this great event and set up a booth for SBZL.


Almost ten thousand trademark elites and enterprise IP practitioners from almost two hundred countries over the world were getting together learning the latest development in trademark industry, global trademark hotspot issues, and important events during this five-day conference with more than 300 various exchange meetings.


During the conference, the representatives of SBZL also shared the experience and achievements in the domestic and foreign trademark service field in recent years with the participant peers and clients and established a friendly and extensive cooperation with the representatives from various countries.


With this event, the rapid development, the spirit and the professional word-of-mouth of SBZL received good reputation from the industry peers and clients. SBZL will continue to provide high-level services to the enterprises and promote the development and progress of the IP industry with domestic and foreign peers with the initial professional attitude.