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SBZL celebrates World Intellectual Property Day in a moot court

Every Year, SBZL promotes World Intellectual Property Day to learn about the role that intellectual property rights play in encouraging innovation and creativity. And this year, SBZL celebrates it with some best friends: Mr. Robert·K·Rogers, former administrative judge of International Trade Commission of the U.S. (ITC), Mr. Jim Coughlan and Mr. Kevin Patariu, attorneys of Perkins Coie, and other professionals in the IP industry.  

Undertaken by SBZL and Perkins Coie, a workshop of “ITC section 337 investigation” is held at the China Intellectual Property Training Center, drawing attention of broad and domestic IP professionals.

Followed by an overview of China’s private enterprises and their foreign-related IP lawsuits, the workshop analyzes the solutions from the aspects of IP rights, the legal system, and the transnational business strategy of private enterprises in China, and most importantly, presents the typical 337 investigation court procedures with a mock trial!