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China Receives over 928,000 Invention Patent Applications in 2014

According to the data from SIPO, in 2014, China received 928,000 invention patent applications, with a year-on-year growth of 12.5 percent. Among them, 801,000 were from domestic, accounting for 86.3 percent; 127,000 were from abroad, accounting for 13.7 percent. Besides, 233,000 invention patents were granted, up 12.3 percent. Among them, 163,000 were from domestic, accounting for 70.0 percent; 70,000 were from abroad, accounting for 30.0 percent. China’s invention patent applications were increasing stably in the past year. In 2014, the growth rate of patent applications was 12.5 percent, lower than the average rate of over 20 percent, but the growth rate of China’s invention patent granted was 12.3 percent, higher than the average. In 2014, applications of invention patents took up 39.3 percent in all the applications, exceeding that of utility model applications, 36.8 percent. In 2014, the percentages of domestic applications and granted patents were both increasing, respectively 86.3 percent and 70 percent.

(Source: China Daily)