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China's Application for Invention Patents up 20.9% in H1

According to the latest statistics of SIPO, in the first half of this year, China received 1.124 million patent applications of three kinds, up 20.5%, 424,000 of which were inventions, up 20.9%, accounting for 37.7% of the total applications; 471,000 and 229,000 of which were utility models and designs, up 28.5% and 6.4% respectively. Among the applications received by China in the first half of this year, 361,000 of which were filed by domestic applicants, up 24.6%, accounting for 85.1% of the total, 63,000 of which were filed from overseas, up 3.6%.Among the domestic invention applications, 291,000 were services, accounting for 80.6%, and 70,000 were non-services, accounting for 19.4%.

Besides, in the first half of this year, China granted 749,000 patents of three kinds, up 26.4%. Among those granted patents, 161,000, 376,000 and 212,000 were inventions, utility models and designs, up 49.2%, 17.3% and 29.3% respectively. Among the granted invention patents, 117,000 were granted to domestic applicants, up 52.7%, accounting for 72.7% of the total. And 44,000 were granted to foreigners, up 40.7%, accounting for 27.3%.

The patents applicated and granted in the first half of this year in China has three features: One is the patent applications received have grown rapidly, and the growth rate of invention patents increased by 10.1 percentage points, and that of utility model ranked the top among the three kinds of patents. The second is the granting of three kinds of patents witnessed a fast growth. The third is the proportion of service inventions remains stable, and that of service inventions in domestic inventions stands at more than 80%.

(China IP News)