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Industrial Design Plays Vital Role in China's Intelligent Manufacturing

The World Industrial Design Conference with the themed of design and productive was closed at Liangzhu, Zhejiang Province. A lot of consensuses on industrial design, especially on IP issues were reached at this conference. "China is a recognized world's manufacturing center with huge and fast growing consumption market, the two elements combined will make China's design industrial to grow faster, " said International Design Committee President David Grossman.

In recent years, China has becoming a leader in world's industrial design. As of September this year, China has received 485, 462 design applications from home and aboard, an increase of 25.1%, and 329,225 of designs were granted. "With the deployment of China Manufacture 2025, China has made a large progress in the design area, and develop a design protection system which integrates preliminary examination, evaluation report and administrative judicial. It facilitates the development of China's industrial design," said a principal of SIPO.

At this year's conference, China Industrial Design Association signed an agreement with Yuhang Government to jointly build an industrial design town named Mengqi Town. "We will build a comprehensive industrial chain of design and become the special IP protection area of industrial design of China," said Huang Dewei, the Director of Management Committee of Liangzhu Town, Yuhang District.

"In recent years, the IP rapid defense mechanism has been established within some industrial design clustering," said a principal of SIPO. It is the unique mechanism which combines administration and judicial in dealing with design infringement that satisfy the actual requirements of companies. Since 2011, China has approved to establish fifteen IP rapid defense centers, and some of which were industrial design-related furniture, lamps and laterns and pen-making industry. The rapid patent examination and verification conducted by these centers inspired the companies' enthusiasm to create and use IP.

As the experts said, the industry design is a vital in transferring China from Made in China to Made with Wisdom in China. As China continues to beef up IP protection, the industry design will create a new kind of glamour.

Source: China IP News