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China Embarks a New Journey on IP International Standard

Good news is brought to the spring. The Guideline on Innovative IP Management, the first proposal on IP management new international standard offered by China (hereinafter referred to as Guideline) is approved to be a project of Innovation Management Standardization Technical Committee under International Organization for Standardization (ISO/TC279).

"This is a milestone in the history of participating drafting international standard in IP field for China, and also an important decision for international standardization organization to incorporate IP management ideas into current innovation management international standard system." said Li Shunde, the Director of Law and IP Department, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Guideline will promote the role of resources configuration of IP in managing innovation process, and bring profound significance to integrate and optimize innovation process management.

"The approval of this project symbolizes the formal launching of drafting the national standard of IP management,which based on whole process of innovation management." said an official from Patent Management Department of SIPO. Effective IP management is crucial to enhancing innovation, and also an engine to lift competitiveness. The Guideline aims to intensify the importance attached by medium and small-sized enterprises and other innovative entities to IP, by solving the standardization problem in IP management at strategic and operational level, and to provide management tools and methods.

As introduced, the Guideline is an international proposal jointly offered by leading experts in innovation management and IP field who are organized by National Knowledge Management Standardization Technical Committee of China (hereinafter referred to as KSC). KSC is approved to be established by China National Institute of Standardization in December, 2014, which is responsible for formulating and amending national standard such as IP, Traditional Knowledge, and Organization Knowledge. KSC is managed and guided by SIPO, and also bears corresponding domestic work to ISO/TC279.

"Drafting the Guideline is not only crucial for China to adapt to globalization innovation development, but also prompted by the internal need to build IP Strength," said an official from Patent Management Department of SIPO. Currently, the policy of continuous Opening-up and the strategy of innovation-driven development make new and higher requirements to IP management. Meanwhile, with further integrating the global economic development, China has become more influenced by international standard in economic and social development and industrial transformation and upgrading. In this case, China must follow international trends to join global competition, and construct IP management standardization system in the framework of innovation management based on the facts and overall needs of China, to win the right of speech in the new round international competition.

"Standardization means a lot to China IP management and international standardization, and symbolizes that China is no longer a passive follower or partial participant on the stage of international management standard in the core field, but a overall designer actively leading the standard and outputting IP management concept and practice to the world," said Li.

ISO/TC279 is reported to be found in May 2013, and is in charge of drafting and amending ISO international standard with the aim of "developing, maintaining and improving innovation management". ISO/TC279 is the only standardization organization in current international innovation field. Recently, the events of ISO/TC279 is held by corresponding units from 43 countries and regions, including main innovative economy such as USA, Japan, France, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina and Ireland

"Drafting the Guideline is the first step for China to participate in formulating the international standard in IP field. China is working for benefiting the world." Li adds. It would be a new colorful painting for China to be a IP Power.

Source: China IP News