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Beijing Hosts the 2017 American Intellectual Property Protection Seminar

On June 6th, the Beijing Intellectual Property Office successfully held the 2017 American Intellectual Property Protection Seminar. More than 100 delegates from companies, research institutions, IPR service institutions and universities in Beijing attended the seminar.

Xu Wei, Deputy Director of the Beijing Intellectual Property Office, pointed out that with the acceleration of globalization, the IPR system has become the basic rule for international business, trade, science and cultural exchange. Countries not only depend on the IPR system to boost innovation within its borders, but also, with the guarantee of the system, share the innovations of all mankind. The United States, as the world' s leading country in innovation, deserves our close attention in terms of its latest direction and trends in IPR. A thorough understanding and use of the IPR system will become a crucial support for the international outreach and sustainable development of enterprises, especially those who are export-oriented.

During the seminar, former chief judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Randall Rader and five lawyers from leading U.S. law firms explained in depth and detail questions including the U.S. latest policy on IPR, case analysis, patent proceedings, the identification and protection of business secrets, and beyond. They also communicated with the delegates presented at the seminar.

The annual Seminar has been successfully held for three consecutive years. Each year, the BJIPO prepares meaningful targeted topics that are in accordance with the companies' practical needs. Over the years it has been well-received by businesses and service providers in Beijing and has gradually become a key activity in the BJIPO's international exchange and cooperation as well as its effort to help Chinese enterprises gain international outreach.

Source: SIPO