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First! PRB Conducted Pilot Circuit Trial to Make Examination Decisions Locally

Recently, the Patent Reexamination Board conducted a circuit trial of patent invalidation cases in Guangdong, and with the strong support of the Guangdong Intellectual Property Office, the first pilot was to make an examination decision locally.

During this circuit trial, Design Appeal Division II and Medical Biology Division I of the Patent Reexamination Board formed a panel to go to Shenzhen and Guangzhou to conduct a circuit trial of patent invalidation cases. The requesters and patentees from Guangdong participated in the case trial. After the trial, the panel made a local colligation and drafted a decision on the patent infringement dispute cases, and remotely logged into the Patent Examination System to make an examination decision. The pilot circuit trial quickly made an examination decision in the local area. It is a new way to implement administrative convenience and facilitate the concerned parties. At the same time, it has achieved new breakthroughs in shortening the examination cycle and improving the examination efficiency, and made a beneficial attempt to promote the “fast protection” of intellectual property rights.

During the period in Guangdong, the Patent Reexamination Board team also went to the Guangdong Higher People's Court to conduct business exchanges, and went to Zhongshan (lighting) intellectual property rapid rights protection center and local enterprises to carry out research activities.


Patent Reexamination Board Medical Division I: Jing XIAO and Yanyan CHEN/Copywriters

Design Division II: Guilian CAO/Photographer