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Customs IPR Protection

Among various administrative authorities administrating the IPR issues in China, the Customs plays more and more important role and the Customs Border Protection also becomes more and more effective and efficient way in refraining the infringing and counterfeiting goods from exportation aboard.

General Administration of Customs (GAC) accepts recordation of patent, trademark and copyright, and nationwide customs enforce border protection both by ex-officio and per application of IPR holders. After IPR recordation with the GAC, the nationwide customs have right to detain, seize, fine punish and destroy the trademark/patent/copyright infringing products.

During past work cooperation, we have strong ties with GAC and local key customs. We have over 40 successful customs interception of counterfeits. From the actual effectiveness, cost and energy efficiency, the customs border protection is also an important part of the general IPR protection strategy in China.