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Chun Zhou

Patent Engineer/Translator

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Professional Profile


In 2005, Mr. Zhow joined Renesas IC Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd., engaged in circuit design research and development. Then he went to Japan to study and do research work in the field of semiconductor chips, especially the testing technology research of silicon wafers.

After returning to China, Mr. Zhou has been working on Mitsubishi's M16C-62, 64, and 65 chip tests, including programming using assembly language for testing functions of different parts of the chip, as well as for quality assurance procedures to perform RAM/ROM test in the chip.

In December 2012, Mr. Zhou began his IP career in Beijing Insight Intellectual Property Attorneys, responsible for the translation of new applications submitted by domestic applicants to Japan (Chinese to English and Japanese) and new applications submitted by foreign applicants to China (English and Japanese to Chinese), forwarding and responding to office actions.

Mr. Zhou also participated in the translation and publication of many original Japanese professional books, including "The Principles of Network Design" and "The Principles of Layout Design".

In May 2018, Mr. Zhou joined SBZL and is now handling patent cases from Japan to China and from China to Japan.


Beijing Forestry University, Bachelor of Electronical Information Science and Technology


International Japanese Level 1

National English Level 6

Past Employment Positions

Renesas IC Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd., engaged in circuit design research and development, mainly be in charge of the work for testing the electrical characteristics of chip, 2005-2012

Beijing Insight IP, Patent assistant & Translator, 2012-2018