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SBZL law firm attended Sino-Japanese intellectual property Seminar

In order to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of intellectual property between Japan and China, share the successful experience in the management and use of intellectual property issues and to promote innovation and development of enterprises, Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Research held Sino-Japanese business cooperation intellectual property Seminar on February 28 in Guangzhou. Representatives of SBZL law firm, Jianmei FAN and Chunlan XU attended the seminar.


At the seminar, representatives of both parties from Chinese enterprises and Japanese enterprises respectively held speech on patent application strategy, countermeasures of strategic implementation and countermeasures against the prior rights of others, while the other participating companies were active on the above topics discussed. The meeting noted that companies should not only effectively build their own Research & Development team and intellectual property protection team, encourage innovation and improve the quality of patents but also need to carry out scientific management and effective use of patents in order to make patents play an important role in the market competition.