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Beijing applies for establishing Intellectual Property Court

From Beijing Times (journalist Jing WEN)


Yesterday, the reporter was informed from the press conference of Beijing Intellectual Property Protection status that, Beijing city intends to establish intellectual property court, and the relevant plan has been submitted.


Xuesong Zhang, Vice President of Intellectual Property Tribunal in People's High Court of Beijing, said that in 1993, Beijing began to establish IP tribunal to specially hear IP cases of various types while just last year it heard 12,464 cases totally, which indicated that, from the professional degree of the judgments and the scale of the judicial officers, the conditions to establish intellectual property court have been mature, and the research plan to establish such a court has been submitted to the superior court for reference.


In patent protection, Municipal Intellectual Property Office investigated and treated 97 cases of counterfeiting patents in total, with year-on-year growth of 288 percent. With regard to this growth, Xiaohui Fu, deputy director of Municipal Intellectual Property Office, said that this is only the outcome of last year's work focusing on combating counterfeiting patents, while in the past, about twenty or thirty counterfeiting patents cases had been punished every year.


Kaoli Sun, Director of Industrial and Commercial Bureau Trademark Office, showed that market’s business activities tightly relevant to people’s daily life such as apparel market, auto market, small household appliance market and building materials market and so on, will be the focus of the business sector to be inspected. Business activities of 9 markets including Hongqiao Market, Yongwai Market, Zhongguancun in Beijing will be inspected on focus. In addition to stepping up the inspection to the markets, the behavior of Internet sales of counterfeit brands and public sale of counterfeit in the market will also be strictly cracked down by Industrial and Commercial Bureau.