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Patent Prosecution

Patent prosecution is the base for obtaining a patent protection. In the prosecution, any formality or substantial issues will have deep influence to the furture patent protection. Therefore, a patent agency plays a very important role in this aspect.

Most of SBZL's patent professionals have more than 5-years patent prosectuion experiences which gives them comprehensive knowledge on Patent Law and practices whether in the substantial aspect or in the formility aspect.

Regarding the patent prosecution, SBZL has the full capability to provide clients with the following services:
  • Drafting patent application documents for inventions, utility models and preparing industrial designs;
  • Searching patent documents to identify relevant prior art;
  • Filing patent applications with the State Intellectual Property Office and going through formalities;
  • Filing patent applications in US, EPO, Japan, South Korea and other countries and going through formalities;
  • Registrating standard patents, short-term patents and industrial designs in Hong Kong;
  • Registrating utility patents, designs and utility model patents in Macao;
  • Filing patent application for inventions, utility models and new designs in Taiwan district;
  • Filing PCT international patent applications and going through formalities at the stage of both the international phase and the national phase of China;
  • Filing integrated circuit layout design applications;
  • Responding to officical notification or office actions and submitting responses with the SIPO;
  • Handling Re-Examination procedure before the SIPO and the possible appeal procedure before the Court;
  • Requesting restoration of rights, extension of maturity, alteration of bibliographic data; and
  • Dealing with maintainence of patents, utility models and designs.